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CAMP FOCUS What is USA Summer Camp? JAN 19, 2013 USA Summer Camp is the largest English-language summer camp program in Japan.  Each year, Guy Healy, Japan invites around 140 young Americans to join one of our teams as American Counselors (ACs). ACs lead Japanese kids of all ages in English activities, recreation, and just plain fun.  Camp - it’s a great time! Who Makes Up the Camp Team? JAN 19, 2013 Each USA Summer Camp team is led by an American Director (AD) and a Japanese Director (JD).  The team consists of about 20 American Counselors (ACs) and a few Japanese Counselors (JCs).  Each AC works with a group of about six Japanese campers.  Our ACs are generally college-aged American students....
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AC Photos and Videos Check out the photos and videos past American Counselors have posted themselves.  A real look at camp!
USA Summer Camp FAQ Updated JAN 19, 2013 We’ve updated our Frequently Asked Questions.  Want to know more about Camp? Here’s the inside info!
New Internships at Guy Healy, Japan GHJ has two new ways for you to get valuable work experience in Japan.
Meet the New Nagasaki Interns The Nagasaki interns bring the ENG style of English learning to Seido Girls and Seido Boys schools in Nagasaki.  New interns soon!
Looking for Camp Photos! Do you have any photos of your camps?  Send them our way! We’re making an Alumni Center on the Web.
ALUMNI CENTER The Alumni Center, the Jobs Board, and related sites are coming soon, but we’re still working on them. Check back for an awesome alumni site!
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Erik Spindler Award JAN 19, 2013 In memory of Erik Spindler (1982-2002), GHJ awards the Erik Spindler Award to one special AC on each team every year.
The Jim Healy Award JAN 19, 2013 In memory of Jim Healy, Guy’s brother, the Jim Healy Award is given to the best team at USA Summer Camp each year.
Become a GHJ Partner School MAR 1, 2013 Become a GHJ partner school and give your students the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s easy. Just drop us an email and we’ll start the process. CAMP IS FUN!
UP CLOSE Who is a USA Summer Camp AC? USA Summer Camp is a very special experience for our campers.  For many of them, their time with the counselors is the most contact that they will have with an American.  So what kind of people are our American Counselors?  What makes the ACs special?
Nagasaki - Off the Beaten Path Our staff picks out the best parts of Nagasaki that most tourists never see.  Use it as a starting point to find your way through the unknown....
Our Nagasaki Map Project We need your help mapping Nagasaki in unusual ways. That cool staircase? Put it on the map! Your favorite cat with no tail? Map her!
Nagasaki Tall Ship Festival (4/25-29) The next big-ish event in Nagasaki is the Hansen Matsuri, the Tall Ship Festival.  Come watch the ships sail into the harbor and see them lit up at night.
ZA RASUTO WAADO Funniest Commercial in a Long Time! Nisshin has a new commercial out.  It’s all about globalization and the new push in Japan for companies to use English as their main language.  It is set, however, on a battlefield, pitting Civil War era Americans against Japanese salarymen.  HILARIOUS!
2014 AC APP! Camp applications are now closed.  Thank you to all of you who applied.  Selections will be announced April 11.
2014 USA Summer Camp American Counselor selections will be announced Friday, April 11.  Check your email on Friday.  (more)