English for the Next Generation - Sample Video for Review
Here’s a sample ENG Video.  These videos help our students review the vocabulary and language patterns they’ve learned in class.  Students watch the videos at home, where parents can help them practice their English. A little practice every day helps students internalize these language patterns.  In ENG, we say that the students “own” the patterns.  Sometimes, the students don’t even realize that they know the words and phrases - but they recognize them when they hear them, and they pop into their heads when they’re speaking English with our interns. When the students have mastered a certain set of sentence patterns and vocabulary, a set that allows them to have casual conversation in a natural way, they have achieved what we call “Finite Fluency.”
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A Camp Song From USA Summer Camp
This is a video of a camp song.  During orientation, each Summer Camp team creates and choreographs a camp song that they will sing throughout the summer at every camp. Each team teaches its camp song to its campers, and the ACs and campers sing it together often - at meals, at break times, in the shower.... This one was just finished - it’s a first practice session. There may be a few kinks to be worked out, but you get the idea!
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2014 AC APP! The 2014 USA Summer Camp AC Application is available online now!  The RETURNEE Application is HERE.
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New Internships at Guy Healy, Japan GHJ has two new ways for you to get valuable work experience in Japan.
Meet the New Nagasaki Interns Here’s a look at our Winter 2013 Interns.  We’ll post profiles of our Summer 2013 Interns when tney’re chosen.  Check back for details!
HTB’s New Maze Get a preview of the new maze HTB is building. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, especially for the kids - all us kids!
IVYH Beer Garden A real outdoor beer garden! Lots of space, lots of beer, lots of fun. We’ll begin early this year, so check back often.
ZA RASUTO WAADO Funniest Commercial in a Long Time! Nisshin has a new commercial out.  It’s all about globalization and the new push in Japan for companies to use English as their main language.  It is set, however, on a battlefield, pitting Civil War era Americans against Japanese salarymen.  HILARIOUS!