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COST/COMPENSATION: For the counselors selected, Guy Healy, Japan will provide for the following: 1. Round-trip air transportation from nearest major international airport. We do not book counselors from regional airports as we have had so many miss the international connections in the past. Counselors wishing to fly to Japan from other countries need special permission to do so from the Program Director. 2. All host family arrangements. Counselors will not be required to pay any fee to host families for room and board. 3. Food and lodging during all assigned days at the camp program. 4. Transportation expenses between host family’s home and the camp program. Counselors selected for the program will be responsible for the following: 1. Transportation between USA departure airport and student’s home. 2. Overseas health insurance policy for stay in Japan. Note: If students are not covered by their family or personal insurance, an overseas policy can be purchased for $22 - $100, depending on level of coverage. 3. Personal spending money for their stay in Japan, Recommended to bring at least $400 to $600. This does not include extensive personal shopping or take into account a great deal of eating or drinking out with friends.
ZA RASUTO WAADO Funniest Commercial in a Long Time! Nisshin has a new commercial out.  It’s all about globalization and the new push in Japan for companies to use English as their main language.  It is set, however, on a battlefield, pitting Civil War era Americans against Japanese salarymen.  HILARIOUS!
Acceptance Emails USA Summer Camp American Counselor acceptance emails will be sent on April 1.  Check your mail often!
AC Photos and Videos Check out the photos and videos past American Counselors have posted themselves.  A real look at camp!
New Internships at Guy Healy, Japan GHJ has two new ways for you to get valuable work experience in Japan.
Meet the New Nagasaki Interns The Nagasaki interns bring the ENG style of English learning to Seido Girls and Seido Boys schools in Nagasaki.  New interns soon!
Looking for Camp Photos! Do you have any photos of your camps?  Send them our way! We’re making an Alumni Center on the Web.
ALUMNI CENTER The Alumni Center, the Jobs Board, and related sites are coming soon, but we’re still working on them. Check back for an awesome alumni site!