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2014 AC APP! The 2014 USA Summer Camp AC Application is available online now!  The RETURNEE Application is HERE.
AC Photos and Videos Check out the photos and videos past American Counselors have posted themselves.  A real look at camp!
New Internships at Guy Healy, Japan GHJ has two new ways for you to get valuable work experience in Japan.
Meet the New Nagasaki Interns Here’s a look at our Winter 2013 Interns.  We’ll post profiles of our Summer 2013 Interns when tney’re chosen.  Check back for details!
HTB’s New Maze Get a preview of the new maze HTB is building. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, especially for the kids - all us kids!
IVYH Beer Garden A real outdoor beer garden! Lots of space, lots of beer, lots of fun. We’ll begin early this year, so check back often.
ZA RASUTO WAADO Funniest Commercial in a Long Time! Nisshin has a new commercial out.  It’s all about globalization and the new push in Japan for companies to use English as their main language.  It is set, however, on a battlefield, pitting Civil War era Americans against Japanese salarymen.  HILARIOUS!
ENG - English for the Next Generation
Teach English in Japan with ENG - English for the Next Generation. About ENG ENG – English for the Next Generation – is a new vision for English education in Japan. For native English speakers, it’s an opportunity to spend a few months in Japan teaching English to eager Japanese students studying English. University students and graduates are selected to be teaching interns in various schools around Japan. If you're interested in teaching - any subject - this could be the opportunity of a lifetime for you. The ENG Program Provides Placement in an elementary, junior high, or high school Accommodation in Japan (dorm-style quarters) Curriculum Training Round-trip air fare Coordination with university if needed Support while in Japan Program Outline Students accepted into the program will receive orientation materials and forms to review and complete before traveling to Japan. In Japan, interns will receive a short orientation before heading to their target school and their new housing. Interns then teach a variety of classes using the GHJ curriculum and teaching guidelines. Assignments vary in length and grade level. Requirements (Who’s This For?) This internship is for students interested in teaching any level of students in any subject. It is a particularly good opportunity for students pursuing a career in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). Successful applicants will be upper-level university students or graduates with teaching or tutoring experience, a strong desire to work with children, and a high degree of self-motivation. Japanese language ability is not required and is not taken into account in the selection process. Application Procedures and Deadlines Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. New positions open up frequently and sometimes unexpectedly, so anyone interested in this internship is encouraged to submit an application as soon as you are interested. Selection is a two-stage process. When GHJ receives an application, the selection committee reviews the application and contacts references. If an applicant passes this stage of the process, the committee will arrange an interview with the applicant. After this interview, the committee makes its final decision.
Internship Application If youfd like to apply for a GHJ internship, please fill out the online application.  If you would like more information, email us.