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2014 AC APP! The 2014 USA Summer Camp AC Application is available online now!  The RETURNEE Application is HERE.
AC Photos and Videos Check out the photos and videos past American Counselors have posted themselves.  A real look at camp!
New Internships at Guy Healy, Japan GHJ has two new ways for you to get valuable work experience in Japan.
Meet the New Nagasaki Interns Here’s a look at our Winter 2013 Interns.  We’ll post profiles of our Summer 2013 Interns when tney’re chosen.  Check back for details!
HTB’s New Maze Get a preview of the new maze HTB is building. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, especially for the kids - all us kids!
IVYH Beer Garden A real outdoor beer garden! Lots of space, lots of beer, lots of fun. We’ll begin early this year, so check back often.
ZA RASUTO WAADO Funniest Commercial in a Long Time! Nisshin has a new commercial out.  It’s all about globalization and the new push in Japan for companies to use English as their main language.  It is set, however, on a battlefield, pitting Civil War era Americans against Japanese salarymen.  HILARIOUS!
Guy Healy, Japan has been promoting international friendship and understanding for over two decades. We strive to bring nations together one program, two people at a time. When the young people of the world are brought together, peace will come. Join us in our quest for lasting peace. People are our our most important asset: our family, our friends, and our clients. At Guy Healy, Japan, we hope to support our family, friends, and clients by: cultivating global relationships; developing international educational solutions; and changing young people's lives. Promote global relationships. Guy Healy, Japan strives to build programs that do not just expose members of one culture to another culture. We build programs that put people who are from disparate cultures together by connecting people with common interests, hopes, and dreams. Develop international educational solutions. In today's global economies, our educational systems are lagging behind the technological and economic internationalizaion. Guy Healy, Japan is committed to developing and implementing new ideas for the globalization of our educational system - revolutionary ideas that do not require revolutionary upheaval. Many people criticize the educational systems of both the U.S. and Japan and hope to revamp those systems. Guy Healy, Japan, on the other hand, believes that our educators are doing much that is good and right. Our goal is to develop supplements to the current system that will give our children the educational opportunities and experiences they need to excel in today's global economy. Change young people's lives. Guy Healy, Japan is committed to building programs that touch the young people of Japan, America, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. We give young people the chance to live in a foreign country, to study there, and to experience the culture and way of life of another people. But we do much more. Our goal is to teach young people that by working hard to express their ideas and opinions and to understand those of another person, they can make their lives - and the world - a better place.
The Guy Healy, Japan Mission